Week 3 11/8/2020

Race tracks are like people. Once you get to know them, you discover most have a personality…

Ringwood Motorsport Park near Newcastle is one of those technical, tight, low-speed tracks. It’s a frustrating place in a heavy and powerful car that likes to be turned loose. Any track that we don’t use third gear at is a struggle.

Scoobadoobles and Evo Mashabitsi things with hiss and spit and drama go well because of all-wheel drive and the twelve-year-olds that drive them have practised on X-Box! Big, fast tracks are where we do well. Ringwood is like a cute cuddly puppy that randomly bites ya kids for no reason. Just ‘cause it can.

So I was in front the entire day, right up until the last run. My daughter who races with me jumped in the car for her last run and knocked me off by two one-hundredths of a second. I gave it a red hot go, but she just outdrove me on the day!

You know when people say, “If I have to lose I am glad it was to my daughter”. Pigs patoosh. Both of us are as competitive as the other and neither of us likes to lose- to anybody! I am proud of her!!

Watching this quiet kid that never pushes her way into the crowd slide 1500kgs of car flat out through an off-camber opening corner hanging the car right on the ragged edge is very cool (If you ignore the fact that I have to repair the car if she bins it). She can seriously drive.

Most people’s question is, “Don’t you worry she could get hurt”? Well, yes. Of course I do. At Bathurst earlier in the year, she was sliding the car out of Reid Park hard up against the wall right on the edge and you just hold ya breath. Watching the car step out sideways going into ‘The Cutting’ you start rehearsing the conversation you are going to have with her mother if she hits the wall!

She could play it safe and take up lawn bowls or competitive marbles, but in the end, she belongs in the seat of a race car.

There must be days when God sits there, heart in mouth, waiting for ‘the bang’. We’re right on the edge, flirting with our skill levels and the crash that inevitably results from being too smart for our own good. But when we get it right, Heaven must go off!

How about you? Are you willing to take some risks to get it right? Are there times when you just know God wants you to step up and speak to someone, but your first thought is, “What if this goes badly”?

In life, if we are going to give it a red hot crack, then we are highly likely to leave some paint on a few walls. Being a Christian is not some wimpy ‘leaning on a crutch’ thing. It is a ‘no apologies, all in’ life.

Want to get the most out of life? Get on the Jesus thing!

Have a cracking week! And if you feel God prompting you to have a go at something… Go for it!