Flying in was an experience! It was late evening and a ground fog covered most of the landscape. That light, wispy grey that just hangs as the temperature drops and the humidity slips from invisible to visible. It had been a long flight in, and as we peered out over the nose of the aircraft the features all blended together. The odd hilltop poking out of the ground fog, and trees randomly reaching up above its grey mist.

The strip was at the top of the hill, and so we lined up on ‘final’, cranked out some flap in the dense cool air the aircraft just gently settled on to the dirt runway. Parked off to the side was a 4WD with two blokes who seemed very eager to help, and as darkness settled we drove down into the mist. Whilst we knew we were in a village, most of it remained hidden in the darkness.

The following morning I walked outside, and suddenly realised we were in a sea of huts, with people everywhere! What last night had felt like a couple of huts with a few people, suddenly was so much more. Hidden by darkness and mist, were a couple of hundred people, along with all of their housing, chooks, kids, goats and cows. There was a road down the centre of the place that wound its way back up the hill towards the landing site. And perched on the top of the hill was our aircraft.

It was unsettling at first. To think that what we saw as we came in on approach was just a small part of what actually existed. You kind of had to ‘reset’ and start again. Later, when we went back up to the airfield (Which was actually just a clearing at the highest point of the village!), we realised that if we had over-run on landing we would have ended up in amongst all of the huts.

There have been times in life when my ‘vision’ has been so blurred that I couldn’t see the big picture. I thought we had all of the information about a situation, but as we stepped into it further I realised the ‘fog’ of emotions or biased, of hidden prejudices or plain ignorance had obscured what was really happening. Those moments when we step up with such confidence, only to find that confidence is resting on ‘mist’ rather than solid ground. It is at those moments that I realise how human I am.

Fortunately, God is not so frail. Nor are His judgements based on a ‘best guess’ of what lays ahead. Our God is sovereign and in control. His eyes pierce the darkness and see everything for what it is. If you are facing an uncertain future, there is a confidence to be found in God because there are no uncertainties for Him. If you can’t understand what is happening in your world, God already knows the solutions to the problems you have not even seen yet. We just need to ‘reset’ our understanding of His sovereign rule and place our trust in Him.

Have a great week. Have confidence in Him.