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Thursday 2 February 2023

Welcome to Heritage Christian School, 2023!

What a wonderful time to be a part of Heritage Christian School. We are celebrating 40 years in 2023. 40 years dedicated to our purpose: Heritage Christian School exists to partner with families, and equip staff to develop highly capable students, of Christian character, ready to serve and enrich the community for the glory of God. Later this year we will hold a 40-year celebration event, and we hope you will join us for this - more details will come soon. 

This year, our focus is on ensuring the academic success of our students. We are ensuring that our reviews into results and analysis of data are used effectively to inform our practice, we are implementing a new student formation framework supported by our peak body: The Association Independent Schools (AIS) called Designing for Deep Learning, we are excited to see the success of our InitiaLit, MiniLit and MacLit programs. All these approaches, and others, are couched within our biblically informed Christian Worldview because we believe that faith and knowledge together develop students who thrive in this world and have an enduring purpose. The image above encapsulates our student formation framework. Think of it as our thoughtful approach to achieve our goal of developing highly capable students ready to serve and enrich the community for the Glory of God. 

I thank you for partnering in our endeavours this year and encourage us all to continue to reinforce the significance of consistent effort by our students in their studies. Our teachers are committed to their students and their progress, and we are excited to see what they achieve this year.  We look forward to you visiting school and participating in different events, being part of the daily learning of your children and hearing from you. 

To new families joining our school, I extend our welcome to you and pray that your experience of our Christian Learning Community is warm and inviting. We are excited for your children as they learn with us and look forward to their successes and for the deep relationships they will build. Thank you for partnering with us in this wonderful work.  

This year we also welcome several new staff, each of whom are high calibre educators and Christians, active in their local churches.  In Junior School we welcome: Renee Thomas teaching Stage 3; Jessica Morrissey teaching Stage 2; and Urszula Partridge, School Learning Support Officer. In Senior School, we welcome Bethany Rule, who will be teaching Visual Arts while Courtney Farlow is on maternity-leave; Eirwyn Davidson teaching Science; and Chloe Moore who will be taking Biblical Studies. Several of our new staff have recently moved to the area and we look forward to getting to know them and to learn from each of them and their extensive experience. 

Overall, I am thankful to our sovereign God who gives us meaning and purpose, for His son Jesus, whose death and resurrection mean we can be in relationship with Him, and for the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

I’m praying for a rich year of learning. 

Yours sincerely 

Matt Cohen 


First Days of 2023

A new and exciting year of rich learning ahead

2023 Classes & Teachers

Junior School

We are excited to welcome two new teachers to our Junior school this year, Mrs Thomas (Stage 3) & Mrs Morrissey (Stage 2). As there are two classes in both Stage 2 and Stage 3, students will find out which class they will be in at the assembly on the first day. We also warmly welcome a new Teacher’s Aide, Mrs Urszula Partridge.  

 Kindergarten: Mrs Alison Bouwer 

Year 1: Mrs Kelly Dorsey and Mrs Rebekah Cohen 

Year 2: Mrs Lynette Purnell 

Year 3/4: Mrs Michelle Taylor 

Year 3/4: Mrs Jessica Morrissey 

Year 5/6: Mrs Renee Thomas 

Year5/6: Mr Harry Harris  

Student Learning Support Officers (SLSO): Mrs Annie McIntyre, Mrs Cathy Taylor, Mrs Urszula Partridge 

Release: Mrs Rebecca Kirkpatrick  

Library: Mrs Melinda Hazelgrove  

Curriculum: Mrs Elizabeth Killick 

Learning Support: Mrs Barb Bruce 

Deputy Principal - Junior School:  Sarah Strahorn 

Senior School

In Senior School,  each year group has dedicated Pastoral Care teacher, who students will met on their first day. We also have Year Advisors, who are responsible for their respective year group(s)Year Advisors.

Year 7: Mrs Lestelle Tafai 

Year 8: Mr Marty Dures 

Year 9: Mrs Belinda Keast 

Year 10: Mrs Belinda Keast 

Year 11: Mr Paul Beaver 

Year 12: Mr Paul Beaver 

Counsellor: Mr Kye Dures

Careers: Mr Marty Dures

Head of Inclusive Learning & Teaching: Mrs Rachel Lilley

Head of Wellbeing & Discipleship: Mr Greg Hickey

Deputy Principal - Senior School: Mr Dougal Parsons 


Uniform and School Bags

Please see the attachment and link below to access our Uniform Policy and how to purchase the Heritage School bag.  A reminder that the office sells our school calculators at the office for $30.


Uniform Policy


Heritage Christian School

We encourage all families to have a copy of our weekly newsletter, via 'Skoolbag', or email to stay up to date with what is happening within the school community.

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