Kindergarten – Year 6

Choosing a school for your family is important, for the decision ultimately leads to a relationship and community into which you immerse your family. One of the hallmarks of our primary school is a committed partnership between parents/carers and staff. As parents, you are the expert on your child as a person.  As a school, we have much experience and expertise in educating. The best results come from walking together, with clear communication, and built trust. Many friends are made at school, between students but also between adults.

Each of our K-6 classes operates as a learning community and family, an extension of our wider K-6 family. As with any family, our K-6 school family comprises many individuals with unique needs and gifts. Our staff, also unique individuals, are experts in their field and care deeply about each student’s education, character, and spiritual formation.

The wonder of learning and living go hand in hand in the K-6 years. Students discover and explore the world around them and our great God who made and sustains all things. From learning to read to exploring history, uncovering the workings of numbers, and learning who they are as people living in community, the K-6 years are formational and set students up as learners and contributors.

We believe that explicit teaching is essential, and partners well with exploration, discovery, and adventure. We use research-based methodology and programs that systematically and clearly teach syllabus outcomes. Of particular note is the synthetic phonics program we teach in Infants, InitiaLit. Its effectiveness in teaching children to read is renowned and incredibly exciting. This approach to learning to read then lays a wonderful foundation for learning in all areas, for the rest of a child’s life.

K-6 at Heritage has a well-run and responsive Learning Support department. Children are seen as individuals, and their needs are addressed accordingly. Likewise, if a child would benefit from extension, that too, is provided. Differentiation is part of a faithful response to an individual.

We believe strongly in right relationship being at the heart of a healthy community. This principle is the underpinning of the way we address behaviour and relational breakdown. Communication. Ownership. Repentance. Forgiveness. Restoration. Growth.

There are many opportunities for K-6 students to explore new things and exercise particular gifts they have. There is opportunity to learn an instrument by way of a tutor program that operates within school hours and a primary choir. Sporting opportunities and teams are a hallmark of primary school life at Heritage and lead to occasions to represent both our school and state. There is also a real interest and emphasis on technology. We have a sought after VEX and STEAM program that many students participate in and other lunchtime pursuits like chess club, craft, and gardening groups. Leadership and service opportunities also feature on our Primary landscape. While Year 6 students have the opportunity to become Primary School Captains, there are varied ways that students can and do lead and serve our community. And something we are increasingly invested in is our Sponsor Child.