Thank God, He is not like us!

I admit it. It was completely irrational. I have no-where to go but straight to, ‘I made a mountain out of a molehill'… So I have been having this battle with our tractor. The front tyres take it in turns to deflate over a couple of days, meaning every time I want to use the ...

2020-10-20T14:45:03+11:00Thursday, 10 September 2020|Brisby's Blog, From the Principal|

Routines and Change – How are you going?

I spent the best part of six hours on the tractor last weekend. After we off-loaded most of our cattle due to the drought and also the fires that came through a few months ago, the rain has brought paddocks with grass up above our knees. And no cattle to eat it! The old tractor ...

2020-10-20T14:48:54+11:00Sunday, 12 April 2020|Brisby's Blog, From the Principal|

Our message to You – Geoff, Casey and Sarah

This Easter, we don’t have the distraction of busyness to take our attention from the true celebration Easter is. Now, more than ever, we find ourselves in vulnerable spaces where we feel a lack of control and an uneasiness about the future. It probably looked and felt this way for all of Jesus’ followers ...

2020-10-20T14:49:00+11:00Sunday, 12 April 2020|From the Principal|
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