The best laid plans of mice and men…


After the fires last year we decided to increase our water capacity by installing an additional tank. Calculations were… well, calculated. Locations picked out and all the necessary decisions made. Given we currently have a 23,500Ltr plastic water tank at the back of the shed that feeds the house and property, we decided to put a concrete tank in this time. During the fires our neighbours had their plastic tank melt, so we figured let’s make it as fireproof as possible. Just to be sure, we’d put it underground, with the top flush with the surrounding lawns.


All of the things we’ve done are designed to make it as fireproof as possible. It runs its own pump, with power coming from the house. The other tank runs a pump wired into the shed. We’re setting it up so we can pump from one tank to the other in both directions. We’re also plumbing it so we can fill either tank from the town water system when needed. The system will give us complete redundancy and back-up. And just to be doubly sure, both will be wired so we can hook the generator up to them because the power was one of the first things to go down when the fires hit us.


The best-laid plans of mice and men.

Trying to get an inground concrete tank for the past several months is like trying to find hen’s teeth. Everybody is increasing their water capacity, and many are just trying to replace tanks they lost in the fires. It has taken months to get to the point where an excavator turned up and dug a massive hole right next to the house a couple of weeks ago. When I say “massive”, I mean 6m by 6m and 4m deep. It’s a genuinely big hole in the ground right in the middle of the yard. And then it rained!


Actually, it poured rain, and so we then had to put a submersible pump in the great big hole to pump the water out. Then it stopped raining, and they got the formwork in and the first of three layers of concrete sprayed on the steel framing…..and then it rained. And we pumped more water out.


We are currently the proud owners of a half-finished (It’s probably more like a quarter finished, but let’s be positive) concrete water tank, that sits in the middle of a huge swimming pool in our yard. There are huge piles of dirt sitting either side of it that will eventually be used for ‘backfill’ when said tank is finished, which the grandkids are now riding bikes over for entertainment. It looks like a scene out of a war movie. So much for Rhonda’s lovely grass and gardens she has worked on for the past ten years…!


It is such a ‘third world problem’. If the worst thing in life is a hole in your yard and rain holding up the job, then ‘get over it I say’…….


In our staff devotions this morning we looked at Luke 12:48. ‘From everyone who is given much, much more will be demanded’. As we reflected on that verse it struck me: Get over it! It’s just not that big a deal. And so much of what we get all worked up over, in the long run, is just not that big a deal. No matter how much I worry and stress, the tank will get built; the lawn will grow back; the grandkids will find other havoc to create, and life will go on. In the end, it’s because God has got it!


Psychologists tell us that ninety percent of what we worry about never actually comes to fruition. We waste all of that emotional energy stressing over things that never actually happen. So let’s all take a deep breath… And let God do His thing!



Geoff Brisby