Over the past few weeks, we have found ourselves with space to breathe a little more freely without the commitment of daily routine as we know it. While routine, love it or hate it, is what all of our lives need, it has been wonderful to rest from it…especially when that routine has had to morph and yield as all of ours has in recent months.

Heritage Christian School community, what a first half of the year we have had! Feel free to pause at this point and sit with that for a bit. If you have felt particularly spent or frazzled or like you are chasing your tail more than normal, it makes sense! We couldn’t have scripted this stuff. And we also couldn’t exit stage left because we didn’t want to be in it anymore. It happened and we were hooked on for the ride. Sometimes life is unpredictable and hard and big in ways.

I can be reflective from time to time. I am one to spend time mulling things over. And one of the things I have reflected on is the opportunities for deep learning that we wouldn’t have naturally signed up for, that presented because of Covid-19 and other world events.

There has been much talk of learning, and as a community I am so proud of the way we continued curriculum learning even though our campus became hundreds of different homes for a time. But I think there was learning beyond this; life learning that took place. We had to learn what to do with living in the unknown and the uncomfortable. We had to grapple with our routines being upended. We had to innovate quickly. We had to contend with fear. We had to deal with people in different ways. We had to surrender to imposed restrictions.

And now that school is back for Term 3, we will once again reinstate the routines of hopefully an increasingly more standard term. We are still learning to function together as a school community once more. I could go on, but in essence, we have to constantly deal with change! That is a lesson few of us would ever sign up to, but is invaluable in terms of life skills, for we never really know what a day will hold. I honestly think all of us from our Kindergarten children through to our Principal, staff, parent body and everyone in between, will have stretched and grown as people in the first half of this year.

I find that when the change is on, it becomes a matter of what we do with it, for often we cannot stop it. Life becomes about our response. For me, a response I remind myself to have, is to rest on the grace and arms of The One who does not change when all else can and does. God – the Alpha and Omega; beginning and the end, continues to be who He has always been, without change. There is a sentence in Scripture that is short but profound and deeply stabilising. Hebrews 13:8 – Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. In Him is the constant we crave through the changes, and the wisdom to navigate.

I salute you – parents and carers, staff and students. One of my deepest held beliefs about education, is that it takes a village and it has indeed been a privilege to watch our village and be part of our village, through the last few months of change and growth.

We approach this coming Term 3 strong, and full of hope in God who sustains us.

Welcome back.

Sarah Strahorn
Head of Primary