Heritage Christian School is a Christian school; it is our DNA —

we are a Christian Learning Community.

We believe in a living God who is active in the world in people’s lives today. We see our students and staff as uniquely made in the image of God. Each is precious and has God-given gifts that are to be nurtured, developed, and celebrated.

Our task is to educate our students in such a way that they come to understand who they are in God’s creation in light of Jesus. This understanding is not confined to a religious instruction class or a chapel service once a week. God is part of every aspect of our life. He is in all things.

At Heritage Christian School, God is in every part of who we are, what we do, and how we teach. He is part of every relationship within the school. We are forming students to understand everything they learn through this worldview. It helps us form students that are highly capable, who know they are, and that they have a purpose to serve and enrich the community.

To do this, we employ staff who live this worldview, who are active in their local church, and we teach using a framework that embeds this worldview into the curriculum. It’s transformative for the Christian character of our students and it’s a great place to learn and to belong.