Are you sick of COVID-19 yet? I am……..!

Lately, I found myself not wanting to miss the first few minutes of the News because that’s when they gave the latest ‘figures’ out of Victoria. And then you get to hear about the latest idiotic thing done by a ‘border runner’. You know the story. Newsreader: “A 22-year-old man from Lower Bargo attempted to cross the Queensland border today by hiding in the boot of a car. Police intercepted the man and arrested the driver for transporting livestock across the border without a vet check and worming certificate” … Or some such equally ridiculous behaviour by some equally ridiculous person!

I had become obsessed with all the terrible COVID related things happening in the world. And it wasn’t just me. I could see people around me becoming so swamped with all of the terrible news about nursing homes and health workers and ‘clusters’, that they were starting to become distressed and anxious about even the simplest of tasks. Masks of three-layer variety were compared to full Hazmat types, and let’s not even start the debate about sharing pens when we are signing into a restaurant or café.

I found I’d let myself be drawn into a world of fear. And like every good problem there was an element of truth and justification, but not a lot of perspective.

Yes, COVID-19 is real. And yes, COVID-19 needs to be taken seriously and sensible things put in place to limit the possibility of us contracting it. But the reality is that lots of those things are in place, and to this point have proven reasonably effective at stopping its spread here in NSW. Apart from the odd person who went to a hotspot in Sydney, then visited five pubs and two clubs in twenty four hours and ended up with their very own ‘cluster’, most of us don’t even know anyone who has had it. And yet we are consumed by ‘the worst case scenario’ happening.

So here’s my advice. Don’t watch the first ten minutes of the News every night. Trust me, if something happens you do actually need to know about, you’ll hear about it without having to watch the 6pm News or have the Project inform you! Bad news travels faster than a cat strapped to a skyrocket……

Can I encourage you to make the necessary changes, and then get on with life. Be sensible about basic hygiene and remind your kids at regular intervals to do the same. Follow the social distancing guidelines, but still be ‘social’ and get out of the house and into the fresh air. Above all, remember we have a God who is in every day we step into before we even get out of bed. There are no promises we won’t face hard things in life, only the promise that we won’t face them alone!

Be safe. Get on with life.

Geoff Brisby