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Week 10 - Friday 30 June 2023

Final words from our Principal for Term 2

Dear Families, 

I would like to express my thanks to staff, students and families who have worked hard this Semester to achieve their best in the classroom and beyond.  

This term we have been focused on our School Value: “Live with Integrity”. Our students have been challenged to ensure that they are doing the right thing, even when no-one is watching. This includes their learning, their sport, music, arts and drama and the requisite rehearsal and practice that is part of preparing for study and performance. Our long-term aim for all students is for them to be great adults. To be a great adult you need to be good at learning. Michael Fullan, educator and author of Dive into Deep Learning says “students who are good at learning, are good at life”.  

This extends into our work to develop and educate our young people to be “highly capable students of Christian character.” You can see the concept of Michael Fullan’s work represented in our Student Formation Framework. We are intentionally forming our student’s skill sets in the global competencies of Critical thinking, Creativity, Citizenship, Character, Communication, Collaboration in the classroom. Our staff are orienting their work to inculcate these attributes within our young people through our Christian worldview. It is an exciting time to be a part of our school as we strive for academic and personal excellence for the sake of serving and enriching the community to the Glory of God. Well done staff and students. 

Last week we gathered together as a student and staff group to take a photo to commemorate our 40th year, and to hear from past students, and long-term staff members. Our students and staff received the gift of a Heritage Christian School 40 year cap and a commemorative cookie to enjoy, and underline that this moment is cause for celebration as we consider God’s work amongst us. I am thankful to Emma Schmidt for the work she has done to help organise this and for the upcoming celebration service and gala day on Saturday, August 19. We look forward to seeing our families there. 

As we enter this break I pray for rest and rejuvenation for our school community. I pray for staff and students alike that they will be well-rested and invigorated: in their walk with Jesus, with their family, and in their Church life. Each of these areas are important to engage in as we continue our work here together in the semester to come. 

Earlier this week I wrote to our staff: 

Thank you for your excellence this term. That we have the privilege to work out our faith within the Good work that God has prepared for us ahead of time is something to be thankful for. I count it a real blessing that God has allowed me to work alongside each of you as we prepare our students for lives of transformation and service through excellent, authentic Christ-centred education. It is your own lives of transformation, because of the Holy Spirit in your heart, that makes our Christian education authentic. Thank you for who you are and what you do; in all things we will Praise God, for it is God who has deigned us to be here in this moment! 

I count it an equal privilege that we are able to partner with you, our families, to the same end. Thank you for your support as we engage in this important work. 

Praying for a holiday break rich with rest, and learning 

Kind regards,

Matt Cohen


Holiday School Office hours

Our School Office will be closed for the first two weeks of the holidays and will open on the third week on Tue 18 July and Fri 21 July.  We look forward to welcoming all of our families on Monday, 24 July for our first day of Term 3.

Student Semester One Reports

All K-11 student reports for Semester 1 will be sent out via email to parents in week two of Term 3.

Recent Events

Athletics Carnivals 2023

What a success! 😊 Last week, we were blessed with absolutely perfect winter weather to run our School Athletics Carnivals, Junior and Senior Schools. Thank you to all the parents who joined us onsite. You helped make it extra special!

Students participated in both track events (sprint and middle distance) and field events. It was fabulous watching many students finish their track races at the amphitheatre-style grassed area on the oval.

Music, sunshine, dry grass, laughter and fun made both days experiences one that most will remember for years to come. Many students will also savour the memories with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place results.  

Some students ran/jumped/threw for fun, others for places; irrelevant of the motive, it was great to see so many students enjoying the festivities and getting some valuable exercise. Congratulations to the 81 students who qualified for Zone Athletics in Coffs Harbour in Term 3.

A huge thank you to all the staff for their effort in making the sports carnivals so special. Mrs Keast’s Yr 11 SLR students and Mrs Cato’s Yr 12 SLR students were invaluable in running the Junior School carnival- thank you!

It would be remiss of me not to thank all the students for the respectful and joyous nature they exhibited during their carnival. This is an important piece to ensure such successful days.

These days were evidence of how, we at Heritage, ‘do community’…. a firm sense of belonging, learning, believing and responding to God’s blessings. 😊

Mick Baldwin

Senior School debating at a national level

Heritage has entered 3 teams into the Australian National Virtual Debating Competition. Schools are predominately from the eastern Australian states.

The three teams are:  Junior team – Yr 7/8, the Middle team – Yr 9/10, and the Senior Team Yr 11/12.

It is exciting that Debating has become more popular among students and new members have been added to each team.

Each team is scheduled for 3 virtual debates in the online environment. Topics related to the environment, economy, and lifestyle.


Practices generally occur during the Co-Curricular time on Mondays or other times as needed. students have been practicing speaking publicly, thinking on their feet and pulling apart opposing arguments with little thinking time, and presenting their thoughts without saying ‘stuff, things or um’. Each student has developed their confidence and extended their delivery time by giving further examples and implications of the arguments presented. Speaking on topics with limited preparation time in front of peers is very difficult.


The junior team now has enough students to make 2 teams. Yr 7 students are learning from their more experienced yr 8 peers on the finer points of debating. Students who participate in the Junior team include yr 7: Jed, Bronte, Madeline, Ezekiel, Justin, and Yr 8: Davryn, Tim, Lachlan, and Ben. The junior team has had 2 debates so far: “Australia should lower its carbon emissions by using nuclear power” and “University courses should be free for all students”. We are proud of the way each student collaborated, worked as a member of the team, gave their considered analysis and understanding of the topic, researched further ideas, and were quick to think critically and analyse the argument of the opposing team ready for the rebuttal. Each student has shown growth in their confidence and speaking skills. They have had 2 narrow defeats to their opposition but know that their arguments and skills were strong enough to win.


The Middle team has welcomed 3 new eager students to the 2022 team – Kaden, Asher, and Isaiah. Their confidence and ability to speak publicly for 5 minutes has grown exponentially. Well done boys. This Middle team has only had one debate so far with the topic “That children under 16 should be prevented from using their real names online’ and we were the negative team. It was a very close debate with the win being awarded to the opposing team. As the team progresses, leadership and mentoring are shown by Max, Lillian, and Keira as they assist Kaden, Asher, and Isaiah to quickly hone and refine their skills. Nate and Jared have not wanted to miss out, so they have also joined us during the co-curricular time.


Our Senior team is yet to have a debate. They will be busy in week 1 next term. They practiced speaking on a topic for 6 minutes and extending their responses through rich examples and implications. The girls, Ava, Zoe, Georgia, Niamh, and Mia, are very eager for their first debate, but nervous at the same time. Your time will come girls and your skills will shine through.


New members are always welcome as we will continue to refine our skills on Monday afternoons. 

- Rachel Lilley

Work Experience - Year 10, 2023


Special request to all parents and carers and friends of Heritage Christian School.


Do you own a business or work for a business that would be willing to have a Heritage student from Year 10 complete one week’s Work Experience at their establishment?


As a part of this year’s Work Experience Program (31st July – 4th August), students are required to approach possible workplaces themselves. However, it would be fantastic to have a bank of reputable workplaces that Mr Dures (Careers Advisor) and Mrs Keast (Year 10 Advisor) could have as a recommendation and ready to help some students if they are unsuccessful in securing a place in the current timeframe.


If you can assist, please call or email the school ( with their details:

  • Business Name
  • Contact Person
  • Contact number



Marty Dures

Mock Council Meeting with the Mayor.

On Wednesday 28th June, 14 students from Yrs 10 & 11 spent the morning at the Council Chambers as they were given the opportunity to take part in a Mock Council Meeting. They heard presentations from Mayor Peta Pinson and the CEO of the Council Dr Clare Allen and then participated in discussions on two current local issues: The drainage issues at Tuffins Lane and the proposed Tidal Pool at Oxley Beach. Democracy was the winner as they took part in voting and in fact replicated votes that had taken place in a previous Council Meeting. This was a wonderful chance to see how decisions are made at a Local Government Level. We may have some budding politicians in the making as there were many questions for the Mayor at the conclusion of our time.

Live with Integrity in Junior School

Mark 12 Awards for Week 9 & 10

Stage 1 Insect Sculptures.

Stage 1 Art

As part of our Designing for Deep Learning, Stage 1 have been studying different insects. We have been looking at the Character dimension Learning to deep learn, to keep trying, to have integrity, empathy, and compassion, and to always be a learner. Within that dimension we have focused on Grit, tenacity, perseverance and resilience.  This looks at how students deal with setbacks, feedback and challenging tasks.



Stage 1 students have sketched their insects through many drafts using many references including library books, scientific websites and a 3D modelling program on their iPads.

On Monday Year 1 had a special Year 7 helper, Luke, to help us construct 3D sculptures of our insects using recycled materials. Students had the role of Designer and Builder, Luke was the Hot Glue Contractor, Mrs Partridge was a Shape Consultant and Mrs Cohen was the Sharps Operator. At the end of the day the student's roles changed to specific clean up duties and I was so proud of the way they diligently worked at their roles.


Heritage Celebrates 40 Years!

We are excited this year to be hosting the 40 Year Celebrations of Heritage Christian School.


We look forward to celebrating this milestone as a community and praising God for His blessings over our School. This year's focus is to honour the past and shape the future as we strive to develop highly capable students of Christian character, ready to serve and enrich the community for the glory of God. It would be our desire that we, as a school community, would be a part of this special occasion together. We also will invite our founding members, previous Board members and Principals along with previous staff and our alumni students, and we encourage anyone in our community to extend this invitation to anyone connected with Heritage.


On Saturday 19 August, from 11am we will gather for a Thanksgiving Service in the Woolshed at the school. This will be a time when we will honour God and those who have faithfully served the school over the last 40 years.


Following this service, from 12:30-4:30pm, we will host a gala afternoon on our school oval, together we will enjoy live music, fun activities for all ages, and a school tour. There will be food and refreshments available for purchase.


If you would like to attend this event, please RSVP via the link below.


RSVP Heritage 40 Year Gala


Please see invitation and follow us on Facebook for any updates on this event.

Community Events


As part of the Port Macquarie NAIDOC Week from 2nd to 9th July 2023, there will be a NAIDOC Family Fun Day on Thursday 6th July. We invite our school community to join in this event and explore the various activities happening during the holidays.


Uniform and School Bags

Please see the attachment and link below to access our Uniform Policy and how to purchase the Heritage School bag.  A reminder that the office sells our school calculators at the office for $30.


Uniform Policy


Heritage Christian School

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