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As a school, we believe in an education that speaks to our students’ head, heart, and hands. It is not only about knowledge but how that knowledge is used to love and serve others. We strive to deliver an education that instructs the mind, shapes the heart, and equips the hands.

As a school, we believe in an education that will prepare students for their future and education that grows their character. All learning and knowledge in the world are best served in the hands of a person of noble character. We seek to foster both life-long learning and life-long learners.

We teach the NESA (NSW Standards Education Authority) Curriculum using a Christian Worldview lens. This lens we apply to the curriculum is via the person and work of Jesus Christ and God’s Word. The best learning happens in relationship, and we look to Jesus Christ as our example. This relationship is applied to what we teach and how we teach.

While instilling quality character is not entirely the school’s responsibility, we seek to play our part as students learn in the community. Our deep hope is that when students leave our school, they are young people of strong character, ready to pursue their dreams and contribute to society from a place of integrity and truth.

We see each child as an image-bearer of God, unique, loved, gifted, and full of potential. We focus on discovering and developing each student’s unique gifts and abilities. Bringing out the best in every student is crucial in all that we do. We attract and retain teachers who go above and beyond the ordinary to understand what makes your child tick.

We aim for

  • Education that is rigorous and intentional

  • A faith and grounded identity

  • How to think, not just what to think

  • Depth of character and maturity

  • Healthy relationships

  • Passion for shaping the world

We are passionate about learning for all in our community. We apply an approach to learning called Visible Learning, based on the work of Professor John Hattie from the Melbourne Education Research Institute. Visible Learning means our staff is continually evaluating their impact in the classroom and adjusting their teaching so all students can learn. Teachers make sure what they are teaching clear and visible to all students, and what the students are learning as a result is also clear and visible.

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