At Heritage we aspire for all our students to love school life because they are encouraged and supported to give their best. This is what drives our Senior School staff, from the moment we transition students into Year 7, to the moment we celebrate their accomplishments as they graduate Year 12.

Our learning is guided by two key evidence-based pedagogies: ‘Deep Learning’ and ‘Transformation by Design’. ‘Deep Learning’ involves the attainment and mastery of six significant competencies: Character, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Citizenship, which are all significant attributes required for success in future work, study, and civic life. ‘Transformation by Design’ informs our mission to be a Christian learning community, developing students in not just knowledge but also in faith. We believe that faith and knowledge together develop students who thrive in this world and hold an enduring purpose.

Each of our Senior School students is known well by us, and we tailor our academic, pastoral and co-curricular activities to best develop our students’ capabilities and character. Our students go out from the school as graduates with the skills and desire to serve and enrich their future communities.

Senior School Stages

Year 7 & 8

Year 7 Advisor is Mrs Lestelle Tafai
Year 8 Advisor is Mr Marty Dures

During Stage Four (Years 7 and 8), all subjects are mandatory but include many future elective subjects.

The subjects included in Stage Four are:

Bible Studies
Technology Mandatory

Year 9 & 10

Year 9 & 10 Advisor is Mrs Belinda Keast

As they progress into Stage Five (Years 9 and 10), students will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of elective subjects, dive deeper into God’s Word during Bible Life, and be involved in programs such as The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

The subjects included in Stage Five are:

Core Subjects
Biblical Studies
Elective Subjects
(students choose 3)
Child Studies
Design & Technology
Food Technology
Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS)
Textiles Technology
Visual Arts

Year 11 & 12

Year 11 & 12 Advisor is Mr Paul Beaver

Students tend to be more independent in Stage Six. Mentoring for these students takes place both within allocated Pastoral Care time and within a communal study space. Depending on the type of subjects chosen, at the end of Year 12, students will either receive a Higher School Certificate and an ATAR (for university entry) or a Higher School Certificate on its own.

Subjects offered in Stage Six may include:

Ancient History
Business Studies
Community and Family Studies
Design and Technology
English Studies
English Standard
English Advanced
English Extension (I)
Food Technology
Legal Studies
Mathematics Standard
Mathematics Advanced
Mathematics Extension (I) & (II)
Modern History
Music (I) & (II)
Sports, Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR)
Studies of Religion
Textiles Technology
Visual Art


Our goal for our students at Heritage is to provide meaningful learning for our students to thrive spiritually and vocationally. We recognise that a key element to this thriving is the provision for identifying a passion and pursuing mastery in that chosen activity. It is for this reason that we run weekly ‘co-curricular’ activities. We also know that activities run alongside the curriculum, but distinct from it, are proven to assist student social networks, increase educational attainment, and reduce disengagement from school community life. Plus, it can simply be a lot of fun to do something that you like doing!

An overview of the Co-curricular Activities that each of our students participates in weekly:
Art & Craft

Many of our students love extending their artistic pursuits beyond the curriculum, working with new and various mediums and materials to refine their artistic skills. Many of our student works are submitted to external competitions throughout the year.


‘C21’ is short for ‘Twenty-first Century Skills’. These are skills that recent research promotes as vital for thriving in an evolving digital and vocational world. The Deep Learning Competencies of critical thinking, creativity, communication, citizenship and collaboration are all crucial to success in future work and study for our students. Specific activities such as debating, software and digital design, chess, robotics, and problem solving are all available to students in this activity.

Community Service

This activity provides opportunities for students to serve in the school community, as well as the wider community, in meaningful and beneficial ways. Heritage partners with a number of local community groups to expose students to needs in the community and guides them as they volunteer acts of service for the benefit of others.


Students in this activity perform and refine their skills with a chosen instrument(s) or vocals. They also collaborate together in bands to rehearse for performance at school events such as Assemblies, end-of-year Celebration, and concerts for our community, as well as external events where they represent the school.


Photography is a growing artistic area that promotes the development of an artistic process in planning, shooting, editing and proofing photos for personal and school-related use. We also enter a range of our student work to external competitions throughout the year.


This is a focused program for students who represent the school in a specific sport, especially those in a team. It provides the time and space to practice with other students, to become teammates and prepare for upcoming competitions.