At Heritage Christian School, we are dedicated to nurturing every student academically and emotionally to ensure they are equipped to face life’s challenges and reach their God-given potential.

In the Classroom

At Heritage Christian School, wellbeing begins in the classroom – Each student is valued as a precious creation of God by each of their teachers. Our small classes ensure individual attention, leading to enhanced learning.

Christian Worldview and Formational Teaching

Our Biblically-based Christian Worldview shapes everything our staff do, from lesson preparation to delivery. They actively engage in formational learning opportunities that seek to grow our students to understand who they are in God’s created order.

Growth Mindset

At Heritage Christian School, we explicitly teach our students to have a growth mindset and to develop resilience and ‘grit’. We see this as a necessary skill for success in life and understand it as part of God’s plan for our students.

Pastoral Care

Each student belongs to a small class group for pastoral care that meets three times each week. Time is spent building relationships and getting alongside our students to explicitly enhance their skills of maintaining positive health and wellbeing. These sessions also offer the unique opportunity to discuss issues relating to the Christian faith and supporting students in their understanding of the Christian worldview.

Year Advisors

We have an excellent team of Year Advisors who oversee all students within their Year group or Stage group. Their role is to liaise between families, students, support services and the wellbeing teams as required. Our Advisors are incredibly caring educators who have the student’s best interests at heart. They connect students to the career advisor, necessary support services, and wellbeing team as required.

Inclusive Learning

Our educational philosophy at Heritage Christian School is that every child should have the opportunity to thrive and flourish within the classroom. We seek to collaborate with students, parents and teachers to address the needs of the whole child. We are committed to nurturing every student to ensure that they reach their God-given potential. This includes the use of intervention and extension programs.

Counselling and Wellbeing Team

We have an excellent counsellor and wellbeing team who provide extensive care and support to each and every child. Our counsellor assists students develop appropriate skills and attitudes and provides tools and strategies that enables strong student wellbeing. The school counsellor and wellbeing team also works collaboratively with all stakeholders and external services to reach optimal outcomes.


Part of our approach to teaching and learning is to ensure that there are specific moments in a week where a student can be discipled through Bible Studies or connecting with their teachers. We also encourage our students to serve in their local church and to engage in their church Youth Group. We also ask this of our staff; it’s a key reason to ensure our Christian education is authentic.


Our Careers program is designed to support our students as they consider University and TAFE options. We are well-connected with the local universities in Port Macquarie. Each Year group from Year 3 upwards will either attend an excursion to the Charles Sturt University (CSU) campus in Port Macquarie or have CSU come and visit them.