Year 7 – 12

Beginning Secondary school is a significant milestone for students and their families. It is a time of academic growth as well as skill and character development. By experiencing this in a nurturing environment, it helps to provide peace of mind. In partnership with our families, our Deep Hope is our community will share the journey of learning about our complex World and our loving Creator, who sustains it. This learning can occur in many and varied settings, including the classroom, the sporting field, on the stage, in the playground, and during Pastoral Care time.

Our highly qualified team strives to understand our students’ needs and work closely with them and their parents/ carers so that every student has opportunities to work to their strengths and experience success. Each day during Pastoral Care sessions, the students and teachers can explore God’s word, pray, and share testimonials.

To assist with the transition between Primary and Secondary School, our staff work closely with the Year 6 students’ teachers to get to know them and their various strengths and needs. We also engage Year six students within the Secondary School during our orientation day, usually during Term Four. To further assist this transition, only the Year 7 and Years 11 and 12 students will return on their first day of Secondary School. Having it this way allows them to navigate their new environment, with a smaller group of students on site.

High School Stages

Year 7 & 8

Year 7 Advisor is Mrs Lestelle Tafai
Year 8 Advisor is Mrs Courtney Farlow

During Stage Four (Years 7 and 8), all subjects are mandatory but include many future elective subjects.

The subjects included in Stage Four are:

Technology Mandatory

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Year 9 & 10

Year 9 Advisor is Mr Peter Hill
Year 10 Advisor is Mrs Belinda Keast

As they progress into Stage Five (Years 9 and 10), students will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of elective subjects, dive deeper into God’s Word during Bible Life, and be involved in programs such as The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

The subjects included in Stage Five are:

Core Subjects (mandatory)
Bible Life
Elective Subjects (students choose 3)
Child Studies
Visual Arts
Food Technology
Design and Technology

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Year 11 & 12

Year 11 & 12 Advisor is Mr Paul Beaver

Students tend to be more independent in Stage Six. Mentoring for these students takes place both within allocated Pastoral Care time and within a communal study space. Depending on the type of subjects chosen, at the end of Year 12, students will either receive a Higher School Certificate and an ATAR (for university entry) or a Higher School Certificate on its own. Students studying Horticulture will also receive a certificate (II) qualification.

Subjects offered in Stage Six may include:

English Studies
English Standard
English Advanced
English Extension (I)
Mathematics Standard
Mathematics Advanced
Mathematics Extension (I) & (II)
Business Studies
Legal Studies
Studies of Religion
Food Technology
Modern History
Ancient History
Community and Family Studies
Music (I) & (II)
Design and Technology
Visual Art
Textiles Technology
Sports, Recreation and Leisure

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at Heritage

Outdoor Education

at Heritage

Student Leadership in High School

As students work to complete their final years of study, they may have the opportunity to serve the student body in a leadership capacity.

The school student leadership consists of a team of students selected by their year group and then put through a voting process where all Secondary students are provided with the opportunity to elect representatives. The school captains and vice-captains are head up the team. The selected students meet regularly to raise items they believe will bring positive change in the student community—everything from ways to encourage students to changes in the school’s recreational areas. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to develop Godly leadership skills and passion for service.

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