Sport at Heritage Christian School

Sport is an integral part of the school program and culture. Students will participate in a wide range of sporting activities. Summer sport may include visiting the beach where students can choose to swim, walk, explore God’s marvels on the rock platforms, and play beach sports. During the winter terms, students may have the opportunities to learn and compete in traditional team sports (such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, and touch football) or more alternative activities (such as Outdoor Educational programs, artistic and learning opportunities, and walking). Additionally, off-site sports such as ten pin bowling, rifle shooting, indoor rock climbing, laser tag, and the gym may be available to secondary students.

Representative team sporting activities occur throughout the year. These often involve overnight trips to towns between Port Macquarie and the Queensland border and Sydney for State Championships. We play against other schools in the Christian Schools Sports Association (CSSA) across various sports, including touch football, soccer, basketball, and 5-a-side soccer. We regularly play against neighbouring schools in local competitions such as touch football, futsal, and netball.

We create many opportunities and have strong participation in individual sports such as swimming, cross country, and athletics carnivals at school, zone, and state levels.

Sport at Heritage Christian School plays a pivotal role in the formation of its culture. Students learn to work as a team and encourage each other; student/teacher relationships are strengthened: and, the respect and friendship created on the sporting field infiltrate the classroom and school culture positively.

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